Meet in the middle, with FriendLine! Using each friend’s starting point, FriendLine recommends the most convenient places for a night out or an afternoon coffee catch-up.

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FriendLine gives you everything you need – ratings, reviews, everyone’s travel time, and photos – find the ideal place to meet

Pick the perfect Mexican restaurant

Find the best restaurant for dinner with friends who are traveling from different parts of the city

Find the perfect date spot

Arrange a coffee date closer to your date’s apartment

Find the best bar for happy hour

Organize after work drinks at a convenient bar for all your friends, regardless of where they are coming from or how they are traveling


Meet in the middle

Find the most convenient place for all. Everyone will travel about the same amount time to your meeting place.

Meet Closer to You

You don’t always have to meet in the middle! You can find a place closer to you, making your friends travel just a bit farther.

Only meet at the best places

FriendLine’s recommends destinations based on high ratings, travel mode, and approximate time for each person to get there.

Easily track invitations

Create, track and manage event invitations for your group

Travel how you want

Whether you’re driving, walking, biking, or taking the train to meet your friends, FriendLine will optimize your travel time

Send reminders

Have a friend who is slow to respond? Send a one-click reminder!

How it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

FriendLine is available in the Apple Store for iOS users and the Google Play store for Android users.

Recommendations are based on a proprietary FriendLine algorithm which takes into account the location of each person, their mode of travel, as well as the ratings of the point of interest.  Based on these, the app is able to suggest places that work for all invited.

Friends can be invited by clicking on the “With Who” button, choosing “with Friends” and then selecting "Add Friend.".  Your contact list, which is populated based on the contacts stored in your phone, will pop up and you can select up to 5 friends from this list.  The app will pull the number that is flagged as mobile or iPhone. However, the contact can’t contain odd characters (e.g., *, ', #).  

You can still send them an invite to share their location, and they will receive a text message that will allow them to download the app, and then respond your invite.

At this point, you can search for places if your friend is up to 100 miles away.

To invite more than one friend, just choose multiple friends from the “Add Friends” screen that opens up when you click “with Friends” in the “With Whom” section.  You can select up to 5 friends.

No, you cannot.  You must include all friends on the initial invite.

Once you’ve confirmed the invitation you cannot change the meeting place. You will have to initiate another invitation and FriendLine search.

You can change the closer to whom option, if you open the invitation. Just reopen the invitation (you can do this by clicking on invitations on the side menu bar) and click on the name of the person you want it to be closer to. You will see the option to send a reminder or set closer. Chose “set closer”.

The detailed search results list weather a place is open or closed under the “Time” section. Please check this prior to selecting a destination, as once an invite is sent you cannot change the destination.

If a friend hasn’t responded, you have two options.  You can open the invite and send a reminder to that friend.  Alternatively, you can run the search based on friends who did respond.  In this case, your non-responsive friend will receive place details if they have the app.  However, their location will not be taken into account.

No, you must download the app in order to accept a FriendLine invitation

FriendlLine will send you notifications for any new activities in the app. You must be logged into the app to receive notifications. In addition, you phone settings must be set to receive notification for the app.

Your approximate geolocation will appear on the map, but your precise address will not be displayed.

Sometimes, the app is unable to determine your precise location. When this happens, we are unable to provide your travel time or route. However, you can still use your default map for directions to meet your friends.

You can reach out to with any additional questions.

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